18 months ago

Eighteen months ago husby and I got married.

Up until this point I haven’t written about it or shared the photos with anyone other than a few close family members.

Because it was perfect. And I didn’t want anything to tarnish the glowy-ness of the memories of that moment and the days surrounding it.

And because I wanted to just be married and enjoy that and everything that came with it.

Now, 18 months later, I am ready to share some of the photos from the wedding and reception.

Any words I share about the days surrounding the wedding won’t do it justice. But suffice it to say, they were also perfect. My family, husby’s family, and many of our nearest and dearest friends shared the days with us. The days and nights were filled with laughter, running a 5k, a henna/mehndi party, putting together flower arrangements, eating, dancing, drinking, and watching all of our friends meet each other and get along beautifully. My father hosted a wonderful after party complete with lamb, my brothers delicious homebrew, and a bonfire.

And it was wonderful. Everything still shimmers in my memory.

All photos by my dear friend Anna, AMAZI[n]G Inc

My brothers decided to have there own photo shoot while they were waiting to usher in our guests.

We wrote our own ceremony, which included singing “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens, readings from The Prophet and The Little Prince, traditional vows, and a blessing written and given by my mom.

Also, we high fived. Then we kissed.

On our RSVP cards, the affirmative response included the phrase “be there with bells on”.  My mom managed to secretly distribute bells to all our quests, and as we walked down the aisle after the ceremony they all rang them wildly in celebration.

We and all our guests signed a Quaker wedding contract certifying and showing support for our marriage. This now hangs in our living room.

Husby has a much bigger mouth than I do, and was able to basically eat his cupcake in one bite, despite my efforts to push it into his face. I was not able to do the same.

For our parent dances, after the first verse we invited all of the other father/daughter pairs and mother/son pairs to join us on the dance floor for the remainder of each song. During the mother/son dance, my oldest brother brought my mom onto the dance floor, and then my other two brother proceeded to cut in in turn. And they finished the song with all four of them dancing together. It was so wonderful and goofy.

And then we danced.

We took a lot of goofy pictures, because we’re a goofy bunch.

This was the only photo we requested. Jets vs. Sharks. Snap off.

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2 Comments on “18 months ago”

  1. Mom Says:

    Damn it. More tears. It was the funnest and funniest days that I can remember. I love my son-in-law and (of course) my daughter. She could not have found anyone who fits our family better. And my boys, well, look at the pictures–enough said.

  2. Kristen Campbell Says:

    What a happy and wonderful day!

    Love you, Claaaaare :)


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