Once upon a time a girl was planting her starter seedlings in preparation for the upcoming planting season.

As she rummaged through a junk drawer, she came across a packet of cherry tomato seeds and thought, “Hmm, I’m not sure when these were even bought, but I like cherry tomatoes. I’ll give them a pot and some soil and see if they are still any good.”

About a month passed and the pot of cherry tomato seeds showed no signs of germinating, so the girl re-loosened the soil and planted some marigolds instead.

Within a couple weeks sprouts were healthily growing in the pot. The girl planted the marigolds along the edges of her garden and waited for nature to do it’s work.

Spring passed and summer came, and the garden was growing quickly. But the marigolds weren’t flowering. And they were growing much larger than the average marigold. The girl thought maybe the problem was with the soil. The marigolds had been planted in an area of the new garden that had been reclaimed from the charcoal grill. Maybe it was possible that the charcoal ash mixed into the soil was causing the plants to grow large, but not reach maturity.

At the end of June the girl took a few days of vacation, and when she returned she was excited to see how much the garden had grown. The potato plants were huge, and ready to have soil added to them. The green beans had reached the top of their poles and had grabbed onto the lilac bushes to continue to climb. The tomatoes were flowering, and the one in the earth box already had fruit growing on it. The broccoli was being attacked by caterpillars, but was doing well despite some holes in its leaves. The chard was ready to be harvested, and the cucumbers were growing steadily.

And the marigolds were huge. And had flowers. But not marigold flowers. Tomato flowers. Surprise! There will be cherry tomatoes. And mistaken identity.

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