Around here we always celebrate the last bit of summer and onset of fall with a Garlic Party. That’s right, folks. A party dedicated to garlic. Pot-luck style.

This year my family contributed fettuccine alfredo with bacon and spinich, deep fried ravioli, papaya-lime-garlic goat kabobs, pesto stuffed mushrooms, and garlic and apple pie to the table.

Other highlights included rulon, Brussels sprouts, garlic and balsamic infused butter, ice cream, and macaroni and cheese. And as always, there was far too much deliciousness to even taste it all.

Now the last of the tomatoes have to come in, and I have to decide just how many more tomato sandwiches can be eaten before they go bad, and how many tomatoes should be frozen for soups and stews and sauces. We’ve been enjoying the last throws of the green bean harvests. And I’m interested to see just what exactly my Brussles sprouts decide to do now that the weather is cooling

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