After going through the pictures on my camera that I had yet to upload to the computer and realizing that they were nearly all of food, I’ve made the new year’s resolution to take more photos of people.

But in the mean time, here are some of the things I’ve been cooking up.

Back in October Boyfriend, his brother David and I had a cupcake baking extravaganza. We made vanilla, pumpkin, and apple cupcakes, and frosted them with chocolate, maple cream cheese, and brown sugar walnut frosting.
I managed to bake my sour dough starter at the beginning of November, but luckily my mom had some about the same age that is pretty active, and makes a nice loaf of bread that always manages to get eaten before I take pictures.

This holiday season I taught myself how to make caramels, and have made both salted caramels and cinnamon caramels with mostly successful results. My next goal is to make caramels using honey and beet sugar in place of the light syrup and cane sugar.
And as usual I kicked off the holiday treat season with a day of cookie baking with my mom and our friend Annette. We made lots of different varieties, using lots of different ingredients, but my favorites are always the fresh ginger cookies.

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