7 things: summer 2014 faves

What’s this? A new 7 things post? Who’d of thunk? But here I find myself, freshly on the other side of 30. New city. New baby. New blog. With all these new things in my life I thought I’d offer up a list of my tried-and-true summer faves for a little bit of balance.

1. Making cold press coffee with this French Press. And drinking it over ice with a healthy splash of heavy cream.

Summer fave cold press iced coffee

2. Summer dinners composed of fish tacos, caprese salads, and grilled zucchini. Just the best.

3. Little Free Libraries. We loved them in Detroit, and we still love them in Madison. Yesterday I picked up a book on Tai Chi. You know, for all the free time I have when I’m not baby wrangling.

summer fave little free library

4. Wrapping up Cheeks’ diaper in these diaper covers. Recommended by my besti, a mama with plenty of cloth diapering street cred. Bright covers and (almost) never a blow out.

5. Plenty of long summer walks. Because I gotta get my steps in, yo.

6. Podcasts. Okay, I know I’m totally late to the party on this one, but I’m totally digging downloading a couple episodes of a good podcast to my phone and then binge listening while strolling through down with the babe. My current faves are Elise Gets Crafty (creative entrepreneurship)  and Girls Gone Wod (CrossFit). Do you have any favorites to share?

7. Any time we three get to spend together. Especially if it involves outdoor music and the occasional Spotted Cow. The times are fewer now that Husby is knee deep into residency, so we’re cherishing it even more.

three at concert

Look, Cheeks is already a selfie pro!

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  1. Grandpa Says:

    That’s my hairline.


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