A Good Egg

Confession:  Until yesterday, I had never poached an egg before.

I know, this is so wrong for a number of reasons.
a) I love eggs in every form, including poached.
b) Eggs Benedict might be the only reason on earth that I’d ever eat ham.
c) I’ve cooked way more complicated foods from scratch, caramels, a salted chocolate cake that literally takes 5 hours to make, bread baked over charcoal, cream puffs… the list goes on (and doesn’t only include desserts)

So why no poaching?
I got no good answer for that.  

But yesterday the poaching commenced.  And let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  Not disastrous, certainly edible, but not pretty.

After some preliminary research I decided to try the cling wrap the egg version.  So many people swore by this method for easy, clean, and flawless poached eggs.  Really?  I wish I had pictures of the egg that I came up with.  In my experience, it wasn’t easy, in the sense that I was constantly worried that my cling-wrapped-egg was going to topple over into the pot and slowly leak out.  That didn’t happen, but I was still tense.  It was clean in terms of the pot.  No egg there, but when I unwrapped my poached egg, the whites were sticking to the cling wrap, leaving behind all its deliciousness.  Cling wrap does it’s job of clinging to the egg,  but I wanted that egg on my toast, not stuck to the plastic wrapper.  And what remained of my poached egg was not the beautiful round, white enclosed yolk.  The white didn’t completely surround the yolk, the yolk came nearly detached from the white, and tumbled out of the plastic separately.  The whole thing, while tasty, was completely unappealing in looks.

So this morning, not to be deterred.  I tried again, this time using the splash of vinegar, swirl and pour method.

Oh sweet, poached egg success.
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5 Comments on “A Good Egg”

  1. KCW Says:

    Seeing the title "A Good Egg" I thought the entry would be about the mass (half a billion) egg recall due to salmonella….

    Eat with care.

  2. clare Says:

    no worries, all mine are farm fresh and local

  3. clare Says:

    haha, and not the brand "Farm Fresh" but actually fresh from the farm

  4. Mac Says:

    Clearly I have failed you in yet another way. I long ago mastered the splash of vinegar method. As long as you get after the pot right away, the mess is an easy clean.

    Now I'm hungry. A couple poached eggs on toast will set me right.

  5. Megan Says:

    Hi Clare,

    I just happen to come upon your blog mentioning running and living in Tanzania. I am actually leaving for Tanzania to be PCV in secondary education math teacher. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Did you run while in Tanzania? (I am having trouble packing for this)
    2. Do you have any advice in general and more specifically if there is something I should bring?



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