a misunderstanding and a sneak peak

You see there, where it says yardage? And there are four numbers and a comma. In English that means there are 138.2 yards. Not 1,382 yards. Mis-reading this means you have to make a second trip to the yarn store to complete your projects.

This is a sneak peak of the project I’m working on for a special surprise gift. Pictures of the whole project when they have been successfully delivered. But trust me when I say it is quite possibly the cutest project I have ever worked on.

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4 Comments on “a misunderstanding and a sneak peak”

  1. Kate Rose Says:

    ermagerd – serkurt prerjerct!!!

    Also, “cau cau” is the questionable part of the label, imho.

    Your faithful blog stalker,

  2. SB Says:

    You would think something like that would be easy to understand, but I totally get you.

    Here, they often don’t use comma’s at all for large numbers – they just leave a space.

    So 367,398 is just 367 398. Easy peasy, right? But I always read it as two separate numbers and it throws me off.


  3. Val Says:

    Lol. And I spy a Shuka under that yarn ;)

  4. clare Says:

    Val – That’s one of 4 shukas that are in our living room. They are well loved.

    Kate and Sarah – come back to Detroit. We miss you.


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