about Clare and macnamania

I am Clare.  I have degrees in physics and mechanical engineering with a healthy love for compost. This makes me about equal parts nerd and hippie. I love working with my hands and making things. It’s very likely that at any time I will be in the midst of a project involving gardening, knitting or crochet, cultivating my sourdough starter, or various other crafts. I believe strongly in just diving into a project and teaching myself as I go, as well as in cultivating expertise. I was born among the leading edge of millennials, so I tend to believe I can be whatever I want and that I should settle for nothing less than my dreams. I’m learning and living and laughing too much everyday.

I started macnamania back in 2006, shortly after graduating from Boston College and right before I moved to Tanzania as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I returned to Minnesota 27 months later with a full heart and a new passion for renewable energy and sustainable design. In 2010 I moved to Michigan to study mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. I’ve spent 3 years living in Detroit with my fellow RPCV Husby while finishing school and working as an engineer in the auto industry. This past winter we added baby Cheeks McGee to our family.

Husby recently matched with a residency program in Madison, WI, so we find ourselves preparing for the next stop in our journey in the coming months. And as I’ve look for what comes next, I consistently come back to the idea of making our lifestyle and homespace increasingly earth friendly and helping others do the same.

When I started this blog back in 2006 it didn’t have a theme, or even really a point other than to share some thoughts with the world. These days I spend most of my writing exploring the idea of building earth.

This is macnamania.  Because sometimes I also write about everything that I’m doing.

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