ahhh, training

so about three days ago I had twenty different things that I wanted to write about, now however I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes for the page to open, and all inspiration seems to have left. However, since the chances of me getting to send any emails this week at this rate are slim to none, I’ll do my best to be interesting.

life in peace corps training is exhausting. I once heard it refered to as a combination between college, prison and boot camp, and I would have to say that that’s about right. There is not a single moment when my brain is able to turn off, because once school is over and I go home to my family, it’s time for homework, or to learn how to cook, or just time to try and figure out what they are saying to me. Despite the amount of work I have put in over the past three weeks, I have nothing to complain about other than slow internet connections, but honestly, what was I expecting.

as far as the important stuff, I am still healthy, sleeping reasonably well (aside from the roosters and dogs that start up at about 3 am. Oh, and the mosque nearby which believes that sunrise happens at 4:30 rather than 5:30.

I start teaching next week, and I’m super excited. I’ll be teaching sound waves and the physics of music to the form 3 students, and light to the form 1 students.

Honestly that’s about as much real news as I have right now. Seriously I’m only not in class or not sleeping for about 3 hours a day, and that 3 hours is spent studying, eating, and hanging out with my fam.

Oh, and remember how I said I had two brothers and two sisters? well apparently that baby sister is actually a baby brother. Oops, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t speak the language when you are introduced to the family and the family calls him Sweet Bit and he wears pink lacy shirts every time that I see him.

yes there are leaves on the trees, no they don’t change colors, there are not any pine trees that I have noticed, I eat at least one egg every day, and I’m currently on page 250 of the Fountainhead. I haven’t made it to the post office yet to buy stamps, so I have a pile of mail to send out in the next week or so.

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4 Comments on “ahhh, training”

  1. Bestest MN/ND buddy Says:

    I love that you posted this entry twice… or perhaps you didnt notice. Either way, I love you for it :)

  2. Lindsay Dickson Says:

    Oh CMac,
    I think about you EVERY DAY. I promise I will be writing more often (it will also be easier to do so once I am at home.) London is still fab- I just booked a tour around Scotland and a tour around Ireland for next month! My parents come on Tuesday and I cannot WAIT. We’re going to Germany for one weekend and Liverpool the next. I love you to the moon and back (times ten).
    p.s. my friend Andrew here in London now loves to call me “Dickie” and I love it!!

  3. M... Says:

    Wish you were here. You missed the best Fall Festival ever!
    Maybe I wish I was there. Love you.

  4. M Says:

    Just curious–I have sent seven letters (I think). How many have you received? Do they have weekends like we do? Do you get a day off? Are you teaching by yourself or student teaching or what? It all sounds so exciting, we are just waiting for more information. Love you, M


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