and finally some pictures

okay, nothing too exciting yet, because the upload process is ridiculously tedious, but here are, in fact, the first pictures I took of my peace corps tanzania experience. Backwards, because I can’t figure out how to change the order. Ha.

The outer area of Dar es Salaam. Houses, in the middle of the city people live in apartments, but in the outer area they live in these brick houses with tin roofs. The houses throughout the country range from brick to mud and sticks, some with doors, some without.

The hostel we stayed in our first two nights in DSM. We definitely eased into living in the bush (and are still easing into it, seeing as how we haven’t gone to site yet.)

Piles of luggage at the airport. This is what 80lbs * 41 volunteers looks like

We are in JFK airport, hours early, waiting and very much in the way with a kajillion bags to board a plane bound for Amsterdam

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