And in July the Garden Exploded

While the weather in Minneapolis this summer has been cooler and drier than usual, the plants in my little backyard garden soldier on, and bounty is forthcoming!

Thursday, after returning from a Detroit/Love getaway, I returned to these beauties in the garden.
Unfortunately, I think that may be the total of the broccoli that I get to harvest this year. The other 4 plants haven’t shown any interest in turning out heads yet. But maybe they’ll surprise me in August. A little late for broc, but I wouldn’t complain.

Meanwhile, the rest of the garden is looking something like this:Cucumbers crawling everywhere they can find an inch of roomZinnias drowning in tomato plants, and hey, those are some actual marigolds deciding to flower after all this time. These one’s are real marigolds, not those psych out cherry tomatoesUnruly tomatoes breaking free from their cages and taking over the gardenGreen beans climbing right off the pole and into the lilac bushesPotatoes that are finishing up I think, and will soon be wilting their goodbyes and allowing me to harvestBeautiful basil bushes that I’m trying to keep from going to seed so we can use them for pesto in a couple weeksMore cucumber plants with lots and lots of flowers
Fresh asparagus growth after the rain
An old rhubarb plant that I’m slowly coaxing the new growth from. No harvest this year, but I’m hopeful for next yearSpearmint starting to take hold
A blooming bicycle. I can’t take credit for this one, it was a donation from my neighbor’s ridiculously beautiful garden which he is spreading from his corner onto oursStrawberries sending out shoots
The earth box tomato. With just the hint of red starting to break through
Peppers. Anyone know which sort?
And cucumbers that are hailing the start of pickling season.

Not too shabby for a girl’s first real attempt at backyard farming.

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