and we’re packing…

spending the day resolving my life stateside because I leave tomorrow morning for my brief east coast tour before Tanzania. So far my luggage is weighing in at about 40 lbs, and I get to bring up to 80, so I don’t really think I’m going to have to leave anything I was planning on bringing behind. (does that sentence make sense?)

so what does one bring for PCT/V life in Tanzania? well here’s what I’m bringing:


20 pairs of underwear
10 bras (6 regular, 4 sport)
6 pairs of socks
1 bandana
1 knee length white slip
6 below the knee skirts
1 pair jeans
3 pairs nicer pants
4 pairs sweats/gauchos
9 blouses
4 t-shirts
2 sweatshirts
6 tank tops
1 light jacket
1 winter hat
1 baseball cap
3 pairs sunglasses
4 pairs of shoes
1 running shoe
1 flip flop
1 canvas sneaker
1 brown dress flats

1 8″ chefs knife
1 tool kit
1 roll duct tape
24 AA batteries
24 AAA batteries
1 head lamp
1 digital camera w/ necessary cords
2 Towel lites
1 XL
1 Med
1 half dozen plastic egg case
1 set full size sheets
90 zip lock bags (quart and gallon sizes)
4 sticks deodorant
1 mp3 player w/ necessary cords
1 nalgene water bottle
various toiletries
The Fountainhead
Cambridge Pocket Star Finder
hard candy
various pens, markers, crayens, paper and envelopes
various photos of friends, family, and home
and my teddy bear

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3 Comments on “and we’re packing…”

  1. Lindsay Dickson Says:

    Clare! I was going to call you before you left for the East Coast…but I forgot to bring any phone numbers with me. I want you to know that I have been thinking about you A LOT. Just think how different our cultures will be for the next few months (and years!) I really wish you were here with me so we could experience this all together. But I know that you’re doing the Peace Corps thing for the right reasons and I love you for it.
    Chain Link

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did you forget your harmonicas? and what will you fo with one running shoe, one flipflop and one canvas sneaker? Should we send the other one (of each)?

  3. Tim Says:

    Hey I know you


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