Argyle! Crochet! Sweatervests! oh my

Finally, the crochet project I have been working on for the past 3 months is complete. And I’d say it turned out pretty hott.
Although it’s the same shape as all the sweater vests I made while in TZ, it took much longer because of the color pattern. I had to completely develop the pattern myself, as I could find no argyle patterns for crochet work online. For this pattern, one color is stitched a MAX of 6 stitches in a row before a color change, and more often the color changes happen every 1-3 stitches. So lots of color changes. A lot of keeping different colored balls of yarn from getting tangled. Phew.
It was surprising to me that even though I’d made 8 sweater vests previously, this one was still such a learning experience. I’m super proud of it though. I think it shows off my skills as a serious pattern builder and crocheter quite nicely. I have a bunch of new projects lined up, so it’ll be exciting to see how they each shape up.

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