Around here

I’ve switched to using a standing desk at work for most of the day to help prevent back pain.

I’ve relied on the kindness of others more than once to help get my car unstuck from the brutal snow banks on the side streets of Midtown.

Husby is working 2nd and 3rd shift in the ER most days. The most I get to see of him is in the clean stack of dishes, the unpacked stroller, the dug out car in the morning, and the rearranged bedroom furniture. He’s the best.

I’ve been working a lot more greens and fruit into my diet to recover from the richness (and carb-laden-ness) of the holidays.

I have 3 different yarn projects in process.

I’m dedicating the weekend to cleaning and organizing the apartment, because yeesh. All this stuff has got to go somewhere before baby comes. (Nesting? probably)

We’re thinking a lot about “what comes next” in many different ways.

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