Cold Air Warm Kitchen or Long Time Fan, First Time Canner

Way back towards the beginning of October, when early frost warnings were threatening, I decided to try my hand at canning the lovely harvested veggies that I had sitting around in piles to big to hope to be eaten in time.

All I did was hot process, the pressure process is still a bit intimidating to me, and all of the produce I had only required hot processing anyway. After digging out our old canner, making sure we still had all the pieces, scrubbing away the bits of rust that had taken to it, and stocking up on canning lids, rims and a jar tongs, I set to it. I turned this lovely basket (minus the green pepper) into tomato sauce, and a paper bag full of pears from the neighbor tree into pear sauce (which has already been sampled and is delish). I haven’t tried the tomato sauce yet, as I’ve been working and traveling and sleeping and applying to grad school in every second of time since. But soon.

And while I was at it I finally revived my sour dough starter and baked a delicous loaf that disappeared altogether too fast.

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