Dear Detroit, I’m sorry we’re leaving

This past weekend Husby, Cheeks, and I made the move from Midtown Detroit to Madison. Add Husby and I to the list of young, educated, financially stable folk who came into Detroit with bright eyes and dreams only to leave too early. There are many things that factored into our choice to move away from Detroit. There are still so many ways in which the city management needs to get its act together to convince the young people that are flocking there to stay. And while I could wax poetically on all these things, I’ll save that for another day. I want my farewell to be remembering the good things.

So here, in images and a few words, are some of the wonderful things about our time in Detroit:

First and foremost, all of the fantastic friends that we made through Wayne State School of Medicine, the SEMI Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group, CrossFitBMW, and various community gardens. You guys are beyond rad, and we hope to see you again either in Michigan or across the country.

The walk-ability of Midtown. Comerica Park, Whole Foods, so many great restaurants, Avalon Bakery, Run Detroit, CrossFitBMW, and a growing number of shops. Midtown continues to grow and spread, and we love it.

Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers

Memorial Day Murph at CrossFiyBMW

The growth of urban farming in Detroit, and the take a risk, try something new attitude that those farms are part of.

And Eastern Market. We went nearly every week and loved buying our food from local farms. Heck yes, year round farmers market.

North Cass Community Garden

Detroit Eastern Market

Broadway in Detroit, Riverdays, the Jazz Festival, and the other music and arts around town.

Fischer Theater Broadway in Detroit

Recycle Detroit. As much work as it was to sort and take in our own recycling, I think we’ll miss our local recycling center. It was always a fun trip to go drop it off and see all the other folks from the neighborhood there as well. (Although, now we have single source recycling, and *spoiler alert* it’s pretty awesome!)

Detroit Recycling Center


We’ll miss you Detroit, but we’ll be back soon, we still have family in the area. Please keep growing, and don’t let the non-believers hold you back.

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