Detroit Turkey Trot 10k

At the beginning of last spring I ran my first race, a 5k through the arboretum. It was a wonderfully hilly trail run on a brisk March morning. It took the whole first mile for my feet to thaw out. (One of the few draw backs I’ve found to races in my Vibrams is that standing around waiting for the race to start causes my feet to get cold and it takes a while to get them warmed up again).

I loved the race. I loved running with other people, chatting as we ran. I loved finding other runners to set my pace with. I loved the burst to the finish. Since March I’ve run 4 additional 5k’s, including a Warrior Dash, and a race the day before my wedding. And after about race number 2 I knew I wanted to set my sites on something a bit farther than a 5k.

After the wedding 5k I thought my racing season was done, but then I remembered the turkey trot. When I found out Detroit holds a 5k and a 10k I signed up.

This was by far the biggest race I’ve been a part of. The 5k’s I ran were max about 1000 people.  (Warrior Dash was big, but we ran in heats, so it still felt like a small race while running it.) The Detroit Turkey Trot attracted over 20 thousand people! (Which is an awful lot of people to see all at once in downtown Detroit these days.)

Despite all sorts of hassle in the morning, the race went great. The race encourages costumes, so it was fun to see all sorts of elves, turkeys, and what have you trotting through downtown. My feet held up great in the Vibrams, which was excellent.  I’m normally a 3-4 mile runner, so I was nervous that 6+ might tear up my feet, but no problems there.

Most of the race I spent in happy running zone, but there was one point, about a half mile from the finish, when I remember thinking “Thank goodness I’m not running a marathon, because I’d have to do this for another 4 hours.”

I guess that means I won’t be setting my sites on a marathon anytime soon.

But I think I’m hooked on the 10k.  Looking forward to next spring when I can run another couple.

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