everything at once

I’m leading a very busy life these days.  And working hard at becoming more efficient.  And definitely failing at spending less time doing goofy time wasters like facebook stalking friends.

I decided it would be a good idea to take 4 classes this semester.  That’s up from the one I took last semester, and also twice as many as most of the other first year pre-candidates are taking.  I guess I felt the need to prove myself or something.  The good news is I’m truly learning a lot and really enjoying these classes.  The bad news is, my dear friends and family might not hear much from me until late April when I come up for air again.

On top of the classes and the reading and the projects and the homework, I’m also trying to book a quick get away to San Francisco for part of spring break (the other part will be spent in the lab), a far too short trip back to Tanzania this spring, a weekend at BC, and it might be a good idea to see Minneapolis a time or two before October.

My plate is full.

With that said, I think I might just call it a night and catch an extra hour of sleep.  Deal with tomorrow’s things tomorrow.

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