Going on in April

going on in april 1 going on in april 2 going on in april 3 going on in april 4 going on in april 5watching the buds turn into flowers and leaves. And learning about everything that’s already planted in our yard. I just picked purple tulips from the garden for a bouquet, and there are still many mystery flowers we’re waiting to see bloom.

ripping up sod in preparation for our veggie gardens and our prairie grass/wildflower garden. One of our neighbors is also hard at work on various landscaping projects and has been eagerly  hauling away all of our sod for his own projects. It’s great, we both think we’re getting the better end of the deal!

enjoying a much less busy month. Husby’s rotations have been a little lighter, which means he’s often home by bath time. A win all around.

chasing birds. Cheeks has been fascinated by all the winged critters all around. He will watch them for hours, and if one is poking around on the ground he’ll get up and start walking towards it, often to the other side of the house or down the sidewalk, pointing and whispering “Buhh…buhh…buhh.”

chopping kale for kale salad. We’re so excited for fresh veggie season, and I know I could eat kale salad pretty much every day and be happy. This one with strawberries is still a fave.

reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette (great), Me Before You (great), The Girl on the Train (not up to the hype), and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope (just started it). After a season or two of not making the time to read too much more than the current book club selection, I’m happy to be back to it.

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