Going On in February

going on in february succulentsgoing on in february diggin in the dirtgoing on in february runninggoing on in february koi

eating Mexican food for Husby’s birthday. A few years ago, instead of cake he requested a birthday flan. It’s been tradition ever since. (Although I’m still perfecting my recipe. This year’s was a bit sloppy.) We preceeded the flan with kale, butternut squash and mushroom enchiladas for dinner.

listening to podcasts all the time, and also to T Swift. Always to T Swift.

watching season 7 of The Office when Husby is home, and season 1 of Vampire Diaries when he’s working late.

reading The Name of the WindIf you looked at my recent stack of books you’d think I was really into fantasy. Which is weird, cuz I’m not. But I guess I’m on a bit of a kick. I just finished The Night Circus and it was so pretty.

running with the stroller through the arboretum. At least on days that hit double digits.

playing chase Cheeks around the room.

practicing waving, clapping, and walking. No solo steps yet, but they’re coming quick.

shuffling rooms around because for the sake of my sleep, Cheeks needed to get his own room. Bye bye TV/guest room, hello temporary nursery.

planning our garden, the bookcase I’m going to build, and a certain baby boy’s first birthday celebration.

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