good things start in little packages

While I have been working in my garden for the past month and a half, visible signs of the new garden season are just starting to show their faces now.

I double dug my beds in early April. It was clear the soil had been quite packed down, because after digging it rose up about 8 inches from the surface of the ground. With no additional soil or compost.

Here’s a bed I dug and planted just today. I small plot for a wild flower seed mix. So we’ll see what pops up in the coming months.

Oddly, I found a pot of rhubarb planted (yep, pot and all) next to our other, large rhubarb patch. So I dug up the little plants that had no where to grow and gave them their own roomy locales.

Other, early sprouts are showing their leaves to the sun these days.

asparagus:broccoli peaspotatoeschivesand hops

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