How I know I’m turning into an Engineer

The other day in one of my classes, an international student asked me to explain what the word spurt means.

I replied with, “well, it’s like when you produce a lot in a short period of time…”

He still looked confused, so I said, “here, like this,” and then drew him this picture:Graphing word definitions.  Definitely engineer.

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5 Comments on “How I know I’m turning into an Engineer”

  1. Patti Klucas Says:

    Yep, that’s a spurt. Here I thought I was just doing art when I transform words into picture, but I guess maybe I am an engineer. Can I put that on my resume?

  2. Val Says:

    haha – genious. it’s true! :)

  3. Val Says:

    and by genious I meant genius. Clearly, I am not a genius.

  4. Kavisa Says:

    Love it! I used to do some serious nerding out during my engineering days

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Random graph drawing! Love it!


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