I’m Declaring Victory

Guess what that is? Broccoli and zucchini from MY GARDEN!
That’s right, the chickens have been beaten!
While they occasionally still break in through the chicken wire, especially the chicks who can squeeze in underneath and through small gaps that the big chickens can’t get through, they haven’t been able to come in full force and destroy my beautiful vegetables.
I think they’ve learned not to mess with me.
Although it probably helped that last time I was chasing chicks out of my yard I accidentally stepped on one. oops.
I swear it was an accident.
Now leaving him for my cat may not have been an accident…
And since I know you all are wondering how I enjoyed this first harvest – last night I ate pasta with spring vegetables and cream sauce.

It made my stomach that happy.

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3 Comments on “I’m Declaring Victory”

  1. Mom Says:

    so your students are doing physics when eating lunch and your doing communications with lunch?

  2. Anna T Says:

    I say playing with veggies is as fun as growing and eating them! Bravo for creativity!

  3. thadk Says:

    Woo, hongera! I had some kongas wander into my bustani this season a few times–I wasn’t putting up with them after seeing what your neighbors kukus mischiefed. SSsh!! Glad you shinda’d.


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