In which I show my political colors, and you are probably not surprised.

Last weekend Fiance and I visited DC, and some of my best friends.

We visited many of the monuments and memorials as well as hitting up the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the mall.

By far, my favorite memorial was the one for FDR.

What a brilliant and inspiring man he was.

Walking through the memorial, and realizing how many ways the troubles our country faces today echo the trials he faced as president, I found myself wishing that congress and the senate and the president himself would take a day and come to sit there among his words, and think about what they were doing as elected officials.  Maybe some FDR would rub off on them.

Maybe we would remember that we already know how to put people back to work, and how to look out for the poorest of our fellows, and how to resist going to war unless it is the last possible option.

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