Keeping up with CrossFit

Today I’m thankful for a healthy, active pregnancy.

Let’s just start this whole thing off by saying that I am doing this all under the watchful eyes of my CNM, husby, and my coaches.

Husby and I both have a family history of hefty babies. Despite average birth weights of 10 lbs (gulp) neither of our mothers suffered from gestational diabetes, and  both were able to have safe vaginal deliveries a combined 7 times, with no complications. It is my hope to be this lucky, and statistics are in our favor. The very large majority of women have safe and uncomplicated births.

We all firmly believe that healthy mom = healthy pregnancy = healthy birth = healthy baby.

And while I know that there is no such thing as a gold star for how a woman births a baby, it is my goal to have as natural a birth as possible for this baby.

So, given our history, the research that shows that the only healthy way to help keep birth weight down is through a mother’s regular exercise throughout pregnancy, and for the sake of maintaining my sanity, I made the decision to continue with CrossFit for as long as I’m able.

CrossFit for me now doesn’t look exactly the same as it did six or seven months ago. I hydrate frequently (and pee almost more frequently it feels). I am aware of my internal temperature. I practice the talk test (being able to maintain the ability to talk during the work out to test that my heart rate isn’t too high). I move slower and stop to catch my breath when necessary. And I modify movements to accommodate my growing bump, changing center of gravity, and relaxing ligaments. But that’s the beauty of CrossFit. It can be modified to meet every fitness level.

I’ve found that recovery takes me a bit longer. I CrossFit 2 or 3 times a week, and do yoga or swim on off days to help my muscles recover.

And I feel amazing. Even before I was pregnant, CrossFit made me more aware of my body. My coach is extremely focused on form, and through safe, quality, efficient movements I am able to do more now, 23 weeks pregnant, than I could in January when I first showed up to the box.

Whether or not this baby is born large or small, all natural or with help, I know I am doing what is right and healthy for me and the baby by staying active during pregnancy. And for us, that means keeping CrossFit a part of our lives.

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