Oh 2014

Dear 2014,

You certainly kicked our butts. Mostly in good ways.

love, clare, husby, and Cheeks

It’s almost like we tried to shove every possible big life change into a single calendar year. I think my grandma put it best when she told us, “Well, you certainly don’t like to let the grass grow under your feet.” True story Grandma.

So for posterity’s sake, here’s a rundown of what our 2014 looked like.

survive a polar vortex. have a baby. quit a job. graduate from med school. move to WI. try to adjust to residency life. make new friends. start another blog. celebrate many weddings. garden. can. ferment. grow 9 fruit trees. learn how to sit, scoot, and then crawl. continue to try to adjust to residency life. go on so many walks. knit. grow 3 teeth. house hunt. house buy. get far too little sleep. try to adjust to residency life.

Some of these things I’ve shared, many I haven’t. Because it turns out that trying to adjust to residency life, getting too little sleep, and having a baby is like the perfect storm of keeping me from getting much more done than the laundry and a walk each day. But I’m hoping to get back to it.

In the mean time, we’re hoping for some snow, hoping the next tooth gives us a little bit of a break, hoping for a full night’s sleep, and hoping our next vacation gets here soon.


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