April 5, 2013

a misunderstanding and a sneak peak

You see there, where it says yardage? And there are four numbers and a comma. In English that means there are 138.2 yards. Not 1,382 yards. Mis-reading this means you have to make a second trip to the yarn store to complete your projects.

This is a sneak peak of the project I’m working on for a special surprise gift. Pictures of the whole project when they have been successfully delivered. But trust me when I say it is quite possibly the cutest project I have ever worked on.

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April 3, 2013

March in Instagram

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April 1, 2013

Easter Brunch ’13

Husby and I hosted Easter brunch for the second time this year.

Menu features:

French toast bake (from Pioneer Woman)
Fingerling, leak, and mushroom fritata
fresh berries
Irish soda bread (supplied by my MIL)
Chopped “Garbage” salad (supplied by my Aunt-IL)

Bloody Mary bar, featuring homemade cucumber, mushroom, and asparagus pickles, and my own bloody mix.

Champagne toast to celebrate my job offer.

We have so many leftovers.

Also, we own an egg farris wheel. How awesome is that?!

Happy Easter!

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March 25, 2013

It’s training time again

I have this half crazy idea that I’m going to do a half ironman at the beginning of august. Last week was my first official training week, and this is what it looked like:

Monday: It’s about 28° F outside, and sleeting and I am running for an hour in this grossness. I don’t get feeling back in my toes until about 2 miles in, but maybe not having feeling was for the best, because now they just feel wet and gross. Yay, March.

Tuesday: I decide to put my new gym membership (purchased so that I have pool access) to use and go to spin class to get in some of my biking. I have never been to spin class before and do not understand how the instructor can possibly have this much energy. Also, spin class may not be a suitable substitute for “45 minutes easy peddling” when I have a two-a-day schedule today. And my bum hurts. Why you gotta do me like that bike seat?  I’m working crossfit into my training schedule twice a week in place of my bike and run speed workouts, so I go WOD in the evening. This seems manageable, because I have totes drank the crossfit koolaid.

Wednesday: Cannot find the women’s locker room at the new pool. The men’s is clearly labeled, but after walking back and forth down the hall at the back of the pool I finally ask someone where the locker room is. The entrance is tucked back around a corner, unmarked. The pool is quite warm, but I’m okay with that for today because it’s once again not going to climb above freezing today. I paddle out my mile. Hair freezes on the walk to the car afterwards.

Thursday: I was going to hit the pool today, but plans changed.

Friday: Jog out a quick and uneventful 30 minutes in the morning, and hit the pool in the evening. Apparently the pool is  a popular place on Friday night, and a girl joins my lane and just kind of hops around in the middle of it. She and I somehow manage to not collide over the course of the 45 minutes that I’m there, although I’m not entirely sure how, because she certainly seemed to be all over the place.

Saturday: Crossfit Open 13.3 in the morning. I can’t do double unders yet, so I just do singles after I finish all those wall balls. Those will come back to haunt me on Sunday. Spend 90 minutes on a stationary bike in the afternoon. Oof. My bum is not happy about this choice. I need to buy a road bike stat.

After all that I’m back at it this week. 19 to go!

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March 13, 2013

whistle-blowing for the worms

The other morning, while reminiscing over how nerdy we were as children, husby laid a truth bomb on me that I was so upset about I now feel compelled to share it with the world.

It went a little something like this: I was recounting what new and wonderful thing we got to learn at each grade level. I thought third grade was the coolest because we got to learn how to write in cursive AND we got to start learning multiplication and division. Fifth grade was pretty bomb because we got to do experiential science learning. Sixth grade we learned the scientific method and got to actually do experiments. And so forth.

As husby rolled his eyes at me and how much of a child nerd I was (and still am) (and don’t think for a second that he wasn’t out nerding me at every step of the way), I mentioned how in fifth grade we got to keep and observe meal worms. And how I boldly suggested to the teacher that since they were called meal worms, and you could cut other worms in half and the worm would live, could you do the same with a meal worm?

The answer was no. And that’s the story of how I sacrificed my first living creature for the sake of science.

But then, to my horror, husby informed me that when you cut a worm in half, it DOES NOT continue to live. And you definitely don’t get two worms out of the deal. It just takes a really long time for the worm to die, and both ends squirm around, so it appears to still be alive.

I find this to be so upsetting. How many times as a child did you find a worm in the dirt and decide to cut it in half so that you would now have two worms? And parents and teachers encouraged this. Now I am 100% for experiential learning, so cut apart that first worm if you must, dear science loving children. But understand the consequences, or you’re not really gaining anything from the experiment.

Also, worms are the awesomest. They poop dirt. Wonderful healthy dirt that allows us to grow vegetables and fruits and trees. We need the worms. So I felt I must share this information with the world.

I’m sorry if any of you found this as upsetting as I did.

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