July 29, 2012

Top 2 things about my Sunday long bike

1. My Sunday long bike

2. The blue raspberry and nerds blizzard I get after finishing.

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July 14, 2012

some quick thoughts on summer harvest

1. Yesterday I realized it was the middle of July and I had yet to eat a peach or a nectarine. I have been so focused on eating all the cherries that I was missing two integral July fruits. This has already been rectified by a trip to Eastern Market this morning.

2. At Eastern Market this morning I suddenly realized how far behind I am. Sweet corn left and right and pickling cukes already out and I still haven’t picked out the perfect pickling recipes yet.

3. I remember a time before kale, but I will do my best to make sure that my future children never do.

4. mmmmm, cherries.

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July 8, 2012

Seven Things: to do to pass the time while husby is on nights

Husby just started his third year of med school, which means he’s finally seeing real patients in the real hospital and getting to do real things (like holding legs during labor and delivery. Was that TMI? oops.) And all of this real gets to happen at night for the next week. Which means we won’t see each other until next Saturday when he finally wakes up from a post L&D stupor. This leaves me with loads of free time to fill.

1. Catch up on TV shows that husby doesn’t care for. So You Think You Can Dance. Pretty Little Liars. Battlestar Gallactica (yes, I’m just now watching this one).

2. Re-learn how to do all the household chores that husby usually does.  Generally, I do the cooking and the grocery shopping and husby does the dishes and the laundry, but opposite schedules mean I’ll have to wash the blender myself before making a smoothie, and my clothes won’t magically appear clean and folded on the bed.  Bummer.

3. Log some serious tri training and yoga hours.  I’m planning on doing another tri at the end of the season, which means I need to get back on the bike and hit the pool more than once a week.  I’ve also been going to a couple yoga classes a week at a studio that opened a block away (so convenient), with the goal of being able to hit a handstand or headstand or lift before the summer is out.

4. Read all the young adult distopian fiction. I’ve read through quite a bit of it this summer, but still have quite the stack to go. Someday I’ll write up a too read list for those of you who are also into this genre. (Unfortunately the short answer is not much).

5. Iron all the shirts. Ugh, real jobs mean we both have to dress business appropriate every day. Which means we have to iron. Luckily I can do this while also completing number 1.

6. Prepare for canning season. We just cracked open our last jar of pickles from last summer, so it’s time to start picking recipes and sanitizing jars.  I really want to try to do some fermented pickles this year as well. I just need to find the right vessel to make them in.  Thus far my sites are set on cukes, cukes, cukes, green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, cukes, and cukes.  But I’m always open to more suggestions.  What are you pickling this year?

7. Finally going through wedding pictures and maybe ordering some?  I’m not committing to this one, but it’s on the table for if times get desperate.

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June 19, 2012

Seven Things: How to make yourself a birthday cake

I don’t often make cake. Cupcakes by the dozens, but rarely cake.  And to be honest, the cakes I’ve made in the past have been ho-hum. There was a pretty awesome sweet and salty chocolate caramel cake, but the actual cake was nothing to write home about. All the additions were amazing, but the cake was meh.

So I’m not entirely sure what made me decide to bake a cake for my birthday this year. All I know is it was inspired by rhubarb jam, it came to me in a dream, and it was delicious.

1. Make rhubarb jam as a mothers day gift. Make a couple extra jars for yourself, as well. (Duh.) Keep husby from eating all jam in the month between mothers day and your birthday.

2. Receive what I can only describe as devine cake inspiration in a dream: Homemade funfetti cake with rhubarb jam, strawberries and vanilla frosting.

3. Funfetti Cake. Homemade. Because who doesn’t love those speckles of bright color in their cake?

4. Thinnly slice strawberries.

5. Pioneer Woman: Best frosting I’ve ever had. Yes it has flour in it. Yes it’s delicious. Double the recipe because it’s given in terms of cupcakes and you’re not sure if it will make enough for your cake. This turns out to be unnecessary, but still a good decision.

6. Assemble. Spread generous layer of frosting, then jam, then sliced strawberries between the two layers of cake.

7. Admire your work. Share with friends and family.

Note: If your significant other is anything like my husby, you may come home to find that a quarter of the cake is gone because he decided to eat it for breakfast and lunch. You should probably forgive him for this.

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May 27, 2012

Island Lake Triathlon

finished in 1:48:49

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