January 29, 2012

Look what I can do

I made something I pinned on pinterest!

(I actually make/cook/try many of the things I pin.)

(Also please excuse the blurry phone pics.)

I made this headband out of old t-shirt scraps, following the directions I found here.

(You might ask why I have old t-shirt scraps laying around, and the answer is because a few months ago, husby and I made this out of all our old t-shirts.)

(Crochet! Chevron! Bath rug!)

Back to the headband.

It’s made from 5 1″ strips of t-shirt woven together and sewed at the ends, and then with a band sewn around to hide the frayed ends.

I don’t have a sewing machine, so I had to hand sew the ends and the band. During which I broke a sewing needle. In half. Because I. AM. THE. STRONGEST.

I did okay with the sewing though, and even if not, I at least did it with this pretty bright pink thread.

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January 14, 2012

Pizza Night

My pizza manifesto

1. Pizza should have a red sauce. And by red sauce I mean tomato. An occasional white sauce or pesto may be deemed acceptable, depending on the toppings. For instance, white sauce should be reserved for seafood. Pesto is best(o) when paired with soft cheeses such as feta or chevre (although I actually prefer pesto as a topping on a red sauce pizza.

2. Pizza should have cheese.

3. Veggies should be used liberally, albeit thoughtfully, as toppings.

4. Chicken should not be put on pizza.

As you can see I have some pretty strong beliefs about pizza. One might call me a pizza traditionalist, and that would be fair. I wouldn’t go so far as to say right wing pizza nut, though.

I know there are a number of pizza places these days serving up all kinds of crazy “pizza”.  “Pizza” with mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. And while delicious, I put forth that these are not in fact pizza. Mostly because they break statement number one of the pizza manifesto. They should have some different name (maybe “pizzo”, although I’m open to suggestions).

Friday night  is pizza night for us, but not just any pizza night, homemade pizza night. It’s become one of our new family traditions.

We start out with homemade crust. Right now I’m using the recipe from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle mixed with a sourdough sponge to give it some kick.

Pizza sauce is some of the crushed tomatoes I canned this summer with some herbs and spices.

Cheese is usually some combination of brick mozzarella, white cheddar, pepper jack, fresh mozzerella, chevre, and feta.

Toppings depend on what we have around, of course. Favorites are kalamata olives, dallops of homemade pesto, red onions, various types of shrooms. We’ve also tried black beans, spinach, pickled banana peppers, green peppers.

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January 5, 2012

The year of the Mayans, or Seven Things: I want to do better

Happy 2012, dear readers.

I hope the year brings you much prosperity, much dancing, and much brunch. At least, those are the things I wish for myself in the new year. I wish for you whatever you wish for you.

Looking back at the I made out pretty good on last year’s resolutions, completing both with much success. Not only did I start (and continue to be) buying the milk in the glass container, but I also married the man of my dreams. So check plus for me.  I also:

(1) returned to Tanzania

(2) moved to the D

(3) started running races

They say you are more likely to stick with your resolutions if you write them down. Note: this also works for resolutions you make on days other than new years. Because, as I’ve said before, if you want to start something, start it, don’t wait for a special day to roll around.

So here are seven things I’d like to do better this year:

1. Swim. Every time we get near a pool or a body of water I mention to husby how much I miss swimming.  Sounds like I’ve got to do something about that one. I’ve decided to join forces with a friend who is training for a triathlon this spring, and am looking forward to getting back into the water.  Plus the smell of chlorine always makes me nostalgic for days spent running around the YMCA in between swim meet events.

2. Pack my lunches the night before. If I wait until the morning it’s much too easy to convince myself that I’m running late and should just buy a lunch. Taking the extra 20 minutes at night to put something together will save pennies and keep me eating better.

3. Eat more fish, and side resolution, learn to cook more fish. It’s healthy, yo. But also make sure the fish I’m eating is not over fished and all sorts of other bad things. That means say no to tuna and yes to wild caught Alaskan salmon,

4. Bake more bread. This is a hobby that has sadly been pushed to the side. If I want my sourdough starter to really develop she’s got to see some use. I hereby declare Sunday as bread baking day.

5. Blog more regularly. Because it’s silly and I like to do silly things and I like to tell people about the other silly things that I do.

6. Do school stuff at school. Husby and I have only a few hours a day that are not dedicated to school or sleep. Better to leave the school stuff at school and leave the fun stuff for our free time.

7. Write letters again. I am very blessed to have friends that know how to be good pen pals. Getting caught up in school stuff has prevented me from remembering to take the time to drop them a quick note now and again, and I want to get back at it.

So, what do you plan to do better before the Mayan calendar runs out?

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December 21, 2011

Snapshot Detroit: tree lighting

In honor of the winter solstice here is a photo from the Detroit Christmas tree lighting. The tree was actually lit the weekend before Thanksgiving, I assume in time for the Thanksgiving day parade. But I’m a firm believer in celebrating Thanksgiving in the fall and celebrating Christmas in the winter, so I saved it for today.

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December 17, 2011

Seven Things: I don’t expect to be getting for Christmas

Sorry guys, I know this is super late. I know my faithful readers anxiously wait for the seventh of each month to find out what my list of seven things will be, and here I am over a week late. I blame finals and school as usual.

The title pretty much sums it up.  These are gifts I would be awfully surprised to find under my tree this year.

7. A snuggie. Last year husby complained that the year before he had asked for a snuggie for Christmas and no one had gotten him one. We then explained to him that a snuggie was not the same as wizard robes. It is in fact just a regular robe that you wear backwards. I think we’ve successfully talked him out of the snuggie. And hopefully I made it clear that no one should get me one either. Really people. It’s just a robe that you wear backwards.

6. Snow. Even though I wish for it every day.  It seems that the great lakes region is going to continue this mild brown confusion of a season at least through Christmas.  I’m afraid that by the time the snow gets here I’ll be back in the thick of school and won’t have time for sledding or throwing snow balls.  But I’d love to sit in our apartment, sip cocoa, and watch the snow flakes fall just past our baby Christmas tree.

5. Any sort of faith back in government. Sorry to be so heavy folks. But oy. Every time I open the news magazine I read it seems it’s just getting worse.

4. Wedding magazines.  Because mine is done. And it was perfect. Some day I’ll write about it.

3. A half eaten sandwich.  Bahahahhaha.

2. A puppy. Unfortunately our apartment doesn’t allow them. And after moving our couch up four flights of stairs, husby declared that we weren’t moving again for at least two years. And even though I want one desperately, my responsible self knows that neither of us our home enough to really be able to take care of a puppy. So no puppy this year.

1. A baby. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise.

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