October 12, 2013

too tired

I should probably stop waiting until just before bed to actually write.

My brain has stopped working.

The end.

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October 11, 2013

a short list of reasons I love autumn

1. Layers, sweaters, vests, and boots. And blankets on the bed.

2. Corn mazes.

3. Apple cider, even if none of the cider mills have a gluten free donut option for dipping into the cider. Yet.

4. My renewed desire to bake – and starting a gluten free sour dough starter.

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October 10, 2013


Pregnant lady hormones are the weirdest. One morning I cried because my oatmeal boiled over in the microwave. The next morning I cried because I remembered my oatmeal boiling over in the microwave the previous morning.

Thanks, baby.

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October 9, 2013

weekend update

So I know this looks bad. I set myself a goal of writing every day for a month and then after just 3 days I basically go MIA for 5 days. Chalk it up to a wonderful visit from a Peace Corps friend for the weekend, a last minute dinner with my pilot friend in town on a layover, surprise car trouble, and the desperate need for sleep that led to me turning in before 9pm last night.

But I’m back, and determined to make good on my goal.

The wonderful thing about Peace Corps friends is that you just easily fall back into the basically no filter, everything is fair game level of comfort, even when it’s been two years since the last time you saw them. We tried to show V a good time in the D, complete with barbecue, Eastern Market, apple picking, a corn maze, the river walk, brunch, and plenty of cooking and good conversation.

Also, Erwin farms has hands down the best corn maze that we’ve been to in SE Michigan. And you might call husby and me corn maze connoisseurs. And the apple picking was still excellent.

More applesauce making on tap for this weekend. And car shopping. Womp womp.

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October 3, 2013

when in doubt

a gratitude journal for today.

1. peanut butter m&ms

2. laughing with friends while sucking the helium out of balloons and

3. husby making me oatmeal in the morning because I can never get the oat to water proportion correct myself.

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