Racing for Two

At the end of June I competed in two triathlons, and while I wanted to share about them, due to circumstances and my new work situation I didn’t feel like it was the right time to share. But, now that some time has passed, I no longer need to stay mum about my summer races.

My triathlon training went something like this: Decide I want to try a half iron man because I’m crazy. Pick my race and start my training plan at the appropriate time. Realize after a couple weeks that to do this right I need to train a couple hours a day, and I just am not ready to make that kind of time commitment right now. Decide to run a half marathon at the beginning of June. Rearrange my training a bit so that I’m getting my running in. Run half marathon. Slack off in training for the next two weeks. And then run back to back triathlons, first a sprint, and then the following weekend my first olympic distance. Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of all that I started a new job and got pregnant? So it was a bit of a crazy lead up to my race season this year.

My first race this year was an all women’s sprint tri. The morning starts as they usually do, with husby and I running late. Turns out the park that the race was at was not marked correctly on google maps, so we got lost. . I than ran all through the park to try to find the check in area to get my number and my chip. I successfully set up my bike and my shoes in transition a few minutes before transition closed, and made my way to the beach.

The race was mostly uneventful. It featured a ridiculously long slog from the beach to transition, a pretty hilly bike through the country side, and the last half of the run was a lovely trail run in the woods along the water. Over all I finished with about the same time as both my tris last summer, so I was happy with how it all went.

Baby’s first triathlon

My second (and unfortunately last) race of the season was just a week later at the same park. So at least this time we knew how to get there.

This race. So it turns out, there is just open registration for the regional championships. The people that sign up for these are serious competitors. Trying to qualify for age group nationals. And me. Oops. I was in a bit over my head.

I held my own during the swim! All those years of grade school YMCA swim team paid off. And then I quickly fell to the back of the pack. Like the very back. Like last. But I had a great time. I only got in my own head during the last mile of the bike when I freaked out momentarily and thought I had missed the last turn. But I made it back to transition and headed out onto the run. Despite being in a race completely out of my league, I’m really happy with how I did. I finished 15 minutes ahead of my goal time, which was pretty awesome. And came out of the race with the confidence that I can compete at this distance in the future and enjoy it.

Baby’s second triathlon

Plus, husby told me I get to split my race time in half, since there were technically two of us racing the whole time. That puts me solidly on the podium.

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