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I’ve been running in my VFFs for about 2 1/2 months now, and am very pleased with my decision. My running form feels much more natural than it did before.  I’m also glad that I spent the 3 weeks before buying the VFFs running completely barefoot, it made the transition completely smooth, and cemented the change in form from heel first to ball-of-foot first in my muscle memory.

I also began running with a running club a few weeks ago.  I needed something more than just me to give me that extra oomph in both speed and distance.  And even in this short time I’ve already noticed an improvement in my speed when I run alone.  Plus it provides a great way to get to know new people, and get to know the area (which I’m still relatively new too as well).

With these two changes in my running practices I’m experiencing a lot of firsts.  For instance last night was my first time running in the rain with the VFFs (it’s been a pretty dry fall in SE Michigan).  And, not going to lie, it made me a little nervous about running with them in the winter.  I’ve read other accounts of running in VFFs in the winter being fine, so long as you  kept running the whole time, to prevent your feet from getting cold.  But coldness wasn’t the issue last night, it was the wet.  I could feel it seep in between my toes.  And while it wasn’t terribly uncomfortable yesterday, I can imagine it becoming so as the temperature continues to drop.  The one other issue I had was it feeling a bit slippery in places.  I didn’t ever actually slip, I just felt more aware that it was slippery out.

So we’ll see how it goes as the season marches on.  I don’t want to run indoors, but even more than that I don’t want to go back to running in my clunky sneakers.

But until I have to make that decision, I’m going to continue enjoying the unseasonably delightful fall we’re having.

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