Rounding Out March

The month of March started out super, got a bit stress-tastic in the middle, but then came back around and finished strong.  Because really, who can argue with 75 and sunny on March 31st?  You won’t find this girl complaining.

Highlights of the month:

  • dinner at Kafe 421 and the John Mayer/Michael Franti concert with Boyfriend
  • visiting J and V in Philadelphia
  • a night on the town with my best buds around Minneapolis, complete with pizza, beer, peanuts and the longest game of darts ever
  • The first Pi Day Party held at Ma’s new house
  • tomato seedlings sprouting, including some of the seeds I saved from my Brandywines of last summer
  • planning my trip to detroit/nyc/connecticut
  • exploring all sorts of vegetarian fare as we eat meat free for lent
  • a lovely walk around lake Nokomis
  • running in shorts and t-shirts
  • digging in the dirt
  • pulling out the motorcycle engine
  • and making an almost completely official decision about grad school

April’s shaping up pretty well to; I’ll be kicking it off tomorrow at a cook out with all sorts of  deliciousness.

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One Comment on “Rounding Out March”

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