SE Michigan loves to honk

The wedding was perfect.  There’s so much more to say, but that’s all I got right now.

And we left the reception (or party#2 of 3) to find that my brothers (and possibly others? not really sure who all is responsible for this) had done their duties to decorate our getaway car.

We left town on Monday afternoon and headed for Wisconsin and then into the Upper Penninsula where we spent our “Minnie-moon” in a bed and breakfast on the shores of lake Michigan.

We were a little disappointed to only hear a handful of honks on our 7 hour drive through Minnesota and Wisconsin.  In fact they came so infrequently that half the time we thought people were just honking at us because of our driving.

Wednesday we headed back to the real world, enjoying the beautiful drive through the UP and northern Michigan, and as we got closer to home the honks came much more frequently. Turns out South East Michiganders love to honk 4 happiness. I don’t know if it’s because folks around Detroit are just looking for a good cause, or just like to honk, but every trip in Mama Rhoda is accompanied by a soundtrack of honks and waves.

And apparently we’ll be enjoying it for a while longer.  While the window art on the windshield and front windows came off easily on Monday before we left town (we washed it off for visibility/safety’s sake) when I filled up at the gas station yesterday, the rest of it decided it had no intention of washing away without a fight.

I guess in the battle of which state is the coolest, if one of the criteria is “likes to honk 4 happiness”  Michigan gets the point for that one.

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One Comment on “SE Michigan loves to honk”

  1. marysunny Says:

    Clare! Congrats to you and Neil! and I LOVE that your car is named Mama Rhoda…


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