Seven Things: Hosting Easter brunch for the inlaws

This Easter husby and I will be hosting Easter brunch for his family. It’ll be the first hostessing I’ve done for his family. In fact it’ll also be the first time that my MIL has been to see our apartment, so it’s kind of a big event. Luckily I chose my favorite meal to host. Needless to say, a lot of work has gone into making tomorrows brunch both possible and successful. So, here’s my list of the seven things I did to prepare.

1. Tell guests it’s BYOC (bring your own chair): Our apartment has plenty of room for the two of us, and room to have friends and family over, but we only have 4 dining room chairs. So we asked our fam to bring a couple so we can all squeeze around the table.

2. Use the event to motivate you to finally make curtains for the living room, dining room, and bedroom. That’s eight curtains for those of you counting along at home. Spend a great deal of money on curtain hardware and material.  Convince husby to help install curtains. Stand back with pride when all your work is complete.

3. Plan an ambitious menu. Wonder if it’s too ambitious. Attempt it anyway. Fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, asparagus and feta quiche, mint lemonade, bloody marys. Did I mention I’ve never made a quiche before? Depend on smittenkitchen to get you through.

4. Go shopping for bloody mary ingredients. End up buying enough for 20. Realize there will likely only be three people indulging. Look forward to all the bloody marys that you will be able to consume in a week and a half when your school semester wraps up.

5. Wake up really early the day before in order to clean and cook all the things.

6. Buy yourself tulips in colors that match your new curtains.

7. Realize that the majority of  food stuff you have is reserved for tomorrow. Eat sweet potatoes for two different meals because it’s one of the few things you have not reserved for brunch. Spread many things on the matzo you bought to celebrate Passover.

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One Comment on “Seven Things: Hosting Easter brunch for the inlaws”

  1. Look2beauty Says:

    Number 7 happens to me everytime I host something. Must remember to buy myself food as well ;)

    Hope all is well you two.


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