Seven Things: How to make yourself a birthday cake

I don’t often make cake. Cupcakes by the dozens, but rarely cake.  And to be honest, the cakes I’ve made in the past have been ho-hum. There was a pretty awesome sweet and salty chocolate caramel cake, but the actual cake was nothing to write home about. All the additions were amazing, but the cake was meh.

So I’m not entirely sure what made me decide to bake a cake for my birthday this year. All I know is it was inspired by rhubarb jam, it came to me in a dream, and it was delicious.

1. Make rhubarb jam as a mothers day gift. Make a couple extra jars for yourself, as well. (Duh.) Keep husby from eating all jam in the month between mothers day and your birthday.

2. Receive what I can only describe as devine cake inspiration in a dream: Homemade funfetti cake with rhubarb jam, strawberries and vanilla frosting.

3. Funfetti Cake. Homemade. Because who doesn’t love those speckles of bright color in their cake?

4. Thinnly slice strawberries.

5. Pioneer Woman: Best frosting I’ve ever had. Yes it has flour in it. Yes it’s delicious. Double the recipe because it’s given in terms of cupcakes and you’re not sure if it will make enough for your cake. This turns out to be unnecessary, but still a good decision.

6. Assemble. Spread generous layer of frosting, then jam, then sliced strawberries between the two layers of cake.

7. Admire your work. Share with friends and family.

Note: If your significant other is anything like my husby, you may come home to find that a quarter of the cake is gone because he decided to eat it for breakfast and lunch. You should probably forgive him for this.

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