Seven Things: I can because I can

I started canning things a couple years ago.  Our neighbor house had a couple pear trees, and was sitting vacant, so one afternoon at the height of pear season my brothers and I took the ladder and pillaged the trees.  We brought home a couple grocery bags full of pears, and one of the things I did with them was make pear sauce.  I dug out the old canner and put up a couple jars of it.  I made a couple jars of marinara sauce using tomatoes from the garden that year as well.

Last year I tackled two types of marinara sauce, one with a mirepoix and the other with roasted tomatoes and onions.

This year was all about the pickles.

So here it is, seven things I canned this year:

1. Pickled mushrooms – when this recipe came across my blog reader I knew I had to try it.  In fact I think I bought the mushrooms later that day.

2. Pickles (cucumber) – I made at least three different types. bread and butter. refrigerator dill.  canned dill.  We brought them to a couple picnics and they were all a hit.

3. Apple sauce – back when husby was still Fiance, we went apple picking with a group from school.  We brought home a bushel of apples, half golden delicious and half jonathan.  The wonderful thing about apples is they keep, so they got tucked to the side in all that business about the wedding, and then when things settled down a bit I turned them into beautiful apple sauce.  I like my sauce chunky, with cinnamon and no sugar added.

4. Dilly beans – my grandmother used to make these and we would gobble them up so quickly.  You just use a traditional garlic dill pickle recipe and use green beans instead of cucumbers.

5. Pickled banana peppers – I bought the banana peppers to spice up my cucumbers and dilly beans, and then had so many left over I decided to just pickle them as well.  We’ll use them on homemade pizza.

6. Crushed tomatoes – in the past I’ve done marinara sauces and then realized I just don’t eat that much pasta, especially not with marinara sauce.  But I do love to make pizza.  I like to keep my pizza’s on the simple side, so instead of making a sauce I decided to just make crushed tomatoes.  When I make pizza I just spread the crushed tomatoes like sauce, and add some spices on top.  The full flavor of the tomatoes is divine, they don’t need anything else. This year I made 10 pints, and they are already nearly half gone, so we’ll have to at least double that for next year.  Also excellent in another of my cold weather favorites, chili.

7. Pickled beats – from Alton.  I like beets.  I especially like pickled beets.  Husby doesn’t like them at all so they are all mine.  And I’m pretty ok with that.

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