Seven Things: I don’t expect to be getting for Christmas

Sorry guys, I know this is super late. I know my faithful readers anxiously wait for the seventh of each month to find out what my list of seven things will be, and here I am over a week late. I blame finals and school as usual.

The title pretty much sums it up.  These are gifts I would be awfully surprised to find under my tree this year.

7. A snuggie. Last year husby complained that the year before he had asked for a snuggie for Christmas and no one had gotten him one. We then explained to him that a snuggie was not the same as wizard robes. It is in fact just a regular robe that you wear backwards. I think we’ve successfully talked him out of the snuggie. And hopefully I made it clear that no one should get me one either. Really people. It’s just a robe that you wear backwards.

6. Snow. Even though I wish for it every day.  It seems that the great lakes region is going to continue this mild brown confusion of a season at least through Christmas.  I’m afraid that by the time the snow gets here I’ll be back in the thick of school and won’t have time for sledding or throwing snow balls.  But I’d love to sit in our apartment, sip cocoa, and watch the snow flakes fall just past our baby Christmas tree.

5. Any sort of faith back in government. Sorry to be so heavy folks. But oy. Every time I open the news magazine I read it seems it’s just getting worse.

4. Wedding magazines.  Because mine is done. And it was perfect. Some day I’ll write about it.

3. A half eaten sandwich.  Bahahahhaha.

2. A puppy. Unfortunately our apartment doesn’t allow them. And after moving our couch up four flights of stairs, husby declared that we weren’t moving again for at least two years. And even though I want one desperately, my responsible self knows that neither of us our home enough to really be able to take care of a puppy. So no puppy this year.

1. A baby. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise.

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