Seven Things: On being a med school wife

Are you married to a med student? Or dating one? Or thinking about dating one? If so, you might be interested in the following.

1. Med school prom is just as fun as high school prom was, if not more. Dresses, dinner, drinks, dancing, and bow ties. And knowing that at the end of the night I’ll be going home with husby is pretty awesome too.

2. Husby is in his third year of med school, which means he is doing rotations in the hospital. This is wonderful for him because he is actually getting to do what he has been in school for 18+ years to do, which in turn is great for me, because I am happy when he is happy. But let’s get real. Every other month he has a new schedule, which is le suck. Just when we’ve adjusted it switches. I think I may hate his night shifts more than he does. And luckily he doesn’t want to be a surgeon because no. That is not the life I want to live.

3. In the fourth year of med school, med students apply to residencies. Much like college they send applications, go on interviews, and then think long and hard about what their top choice is. Unlike college, you only get into one. And it is determined by some computer algorithm that “matches” schools and students based on their rankings of each other. Med students sign an agreement that they will go where the match tells them. And that’s it. So this time next year we will be throwing our hats to the wind, and letting a computer program decide where we will spend the next chapter of our lives.

4. I don’t feel guilty about having expensive hobbies like triathlon and crossfit and traveling, because husby has expensive hobbies too. Like paying for his boards.

5.  We only have one off limits subject, and that is birth defects and the like. Unless I bring something up because I have specific questions, I figure I’m better off not knowing. Everything else I can handle.

6. The school counselors and administrators have little to know respect for the fact that med students are people and people need to maintain relationships to be healthy and happy. One of husby’s school counselors told everyone in his class to call their friends and family and let them know they wouldn’t be able to do anything but study for the next 6 months. I’m sorry, this makes good doctors how?

7. When you go out with your significant other’s med school friends, you will be the interesting one since you’re the one able to do anything other than study medicine. However, you will still have to listen to them rehash last week’s test, or whatever crazy thing they saw in clinic. They all realize they do it, but they can’t stop. They’ll grow tired of it eventually, but it may take until day 3 of a camping trip to finally get all the med school out of their systems.

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