Seven Things: that already drive me cray-cray about husby* six months in

*All in good humor of course.

Last month, as the 7th approached, after having spent the past half hour rolling my eyes at him and sighing in exasperation, husby suggested that I write my monthly seven things post about things that he does that annoy me.  I already had last month’s topic picked out.  But realizing that come May 7th we would be married for just over 6 months, he suggested I do it this month.

Of course this is all in good fun and just meant to be silly.

7. His extremities are always freezing cold.  Seriously, he can be warm and toasty under the covers, get up for 3 seconds, and when he comes back his feet and hands will be frozen.  And he finds it amusing to touch me with said frozen hands.

6. On a related note, he likes to wedge his toes under me to warm up, and then wiggle them.  There is no good reason why this drives me crazy, but it does.  Even when they aren’t cold it gives me the willies.

5. Our cross-walk styles don’t match. I am perfectly fine crossing so long as the light is green, even if the hand has started blinking at me, but husby doesn’t want to start crossing if it’s blinking.  Meanwhile he has no problem crossing when the light is red.  He also will cross to the middle of the street if one side is clear, and wait in the middle turn lane for the other side to clear.  I feel like this is walking a bit too close to danger. Drivers in the D follow their own set of rules, which is to say, none.

4. Husby loves to argue semantics.  He will spend an hour arguing with you about word choice, and loves to take it extremely literally.  For example, the other day we argued about the use of dog-years, because as he said, dog years aren’t any faster than human years.  So. Not. The. Point. of whatever conversation we are having.

3. Husby loves Akon. And I find Akon to be a sexist pig, at least in terms of the lyrics of the songs he sings. The end.

2. Med School.  Dear all the girls (or guys) who want to marry doctors, Wait to find them until they are done with med school. Seriously. It is le suck. Love, a med school wife. Not only is it a huge time suck, but all the other med school students won’t do anything even remotely spontaneous because it might interfere with their studying. Come on, you have to eat right? Just come out to dinner with us and procrastinate on facebook a little less to make up for it.

1. Husby cannot make a choice if there are more than 2 options.  Questions about what we should have for dinner are met with, “Well, what were you thinking?” And then just agreeing with whatever I say. Please help me out here dude.

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3 Comments on “Seven Things: that already drive me cray-cray about husby* six months in”

  1. Kavisa Says:

    We wives of med schoolers should form a support group ;)….add to the list A. trying to plan vacations around med school and even worse around Clerkship B. the numerous situations where I’m surrounded by fellow med school students and they get into a 50 min conversation about disease X or their latest exam

  2. Patricia Klucas Says:

    So Neil; What are your 7 items???

    Love the crossing the road conflict.

  3. buelowsa Says:

    This is absolutely terrific!

    #7 and #6 : Things that I do to Grant that very much annoy him. I have a very high co-efficient of time out of warm blanket cocoon to dropping of body temperate. Warm bodies must be utilized to regain non-deathly body temperatures. I get these, Neil.

    #5 : This is something that has annoyed me for as long as I’ve known Neil. Not crossing at blinking lights. He used to NEVER jay-walk either. That was the killer. But, Grant is very much the same way, and it still drives me nuts. Plus, Grant and I have very different walking speeds (mine much faster than his, regardless of the hugely different leg lengths) and it has initiated many arguments.

    #1 : Is this a guy thing?! Grant’s answer to any choices offered is “I’m easy.” But when I finally get fed up with his non-committal answers and pick somewhere, he complains and says he doesn’t want to go there. That is NOT easy, damn it.

    Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.



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