Seven Things: That I haven’t had time to do because of school

I know all 6 of my readers have been all like “why isn’t there a new seven things post?  April 7th was almost a week ago.  Slacking macnamania, slacking.”

To which I reply, ” If you do one of my million projects due in the next week, I will write the post.”

What, no offers?

That’s what I thought.

So here are 7 things I haven’t had time to do because I’m just trying to pass my classes.

7.  Write a 7 things post.  What?  You thought this wasn’t going to be lame?

6. Go grocery shopping.  Luckily though I got like 30245902 coupons from the coop last month to get $15 free groceries when I spend $75, so I am super stocked, because $75 is a lot of groceries for one person.

5. Do my laundry.

4. Knit.  Fiance’s birthday present (his birthday was in Feb)  is still unfinished.

3. Read anything but science.  Oh how I miss you fiction.

2. Pay my bills.  I should probably move this one to the top of the list, because they are due in the next few days.

1.  Send out the last few save the dates.  We finally tracked down all the addresses, just need to write them out and send them off.

The end.

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