Seven Things: that I will do when I am done with grad school

Friends, I finish grad school in 4 and a half days.

No, I do not know what I will be doing next.  But aside from finding a job I will be doing the following:

1. Rereading Anna Karenina, and maybe Harry Potter. I’ve been reading a lot of crap lately, mixed in with reading for research, and I just need to enjoy some literature. Ya know?

2. Do some blog redesigning. I’m headed back to MN for Christmas, and during that time I hope to sit down with Dad (hi Dad!) and do some design work to make macnamania pretty pretty.

3. Purge. I feel like I’ve accumulated too much stuff in the past year. I need to minimal-ize my space some. I’ll also be working on cleaning out Dad’s basement while in MN, so hopefully I’ll get into a good purging rhythm there as well.

4. Practice some yoga. Way back in September I purchased a 20 class pack at my yoga studio, good for 6 months. I think I have used 7 of those classes in the past 4 months. So in January I will be doing a good deal of yoga. I’m coming for you headstands and handstands.

5. Dabble in some crossfit. A new gym opened up just down the road, and I have a number of friends who crossfit and love it. Husby’s getting me a membership for Christmas. I’m looking forward to becoming better at all the things. Husby continues to call me “healthy dad”. Because apparently I love the same things that healthy dad’s love: gadgets, early saturday morning races, expensive road bikes, etc.

6. Finally finish the sweater I’ve been knitting for husby for the past 2 years. I’m so close to being done. It’s going to be so warm.

7. Continue wishing that Michigan would get over this mamby-pamby 40° F weather in December and produce some snow. The other day I actually told husby that I thought I needed to move further north.

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One Comment on “Seven Things: that I will do when I am done with grad school”

  1. Dad Says:

    Hi Clare!

    Pictures of what you want.


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