Seven Things: to do in Detroit

In honor of the fact that I spend almost every weekend in Detroit, and that I will be an official D town resident starting in July, I wanted to pass on some of my faves thus far.  Note, many of these are places to eat, because fiance and I love trying new places.  Or at least, I love trying new places, and fiance loves to make me happy.

7. Slows BBQ – OK, everyone touting the new good things in Detroit brings up Slows. Because it’s good. And affordable. And good. We actually went for the first time last week, to celebrate picking an apartment. My favorite things: The creole dipping sauce for the catfish I ordered. A patio with heaters for these chilly spring evenings we’ve been having. The old train depot across the street. The fact that they don’t take reservations for parties smaller than 6. The fact that they don’t over stuff the restaurant with tables, meaning you can move around easily and actually enjoy your own conversation during dinner. Also, Slows-To-Go opened in midtown, just a few blocks from where we’ll be living.

6. Eastern Market - We go most Saturdays to stock up on produce and buy other treats like local cheeses, baked goods, cider, bread flour, and maple syrup. There is also a meat market, buskers, and seasonal flowers/Christmas trees. Good place for people watching as well. We also tend to hit the bakery down the road for lunch on our way home. They make yummy sandwiches.

5. Belle Island – In the Detroit River, this island provides a great place to go for a run or bike ride. I ran a 5k there a few weeks ago, and enjoyed watching the swans in one of the ponds on the island as I ran. I’m excited to see how it looks now that trees are leafing out and grass is green, and also looking forward to exploring more of the island.

4. Avalon Bakery – Avalon is an organic bakery whose bread is used in many restaurants in the Detroit metro and Ann Arbor. On top of good bread (which I’m a sucker for) they also have a range of baked goods, including some vegan selection, if that’s your thing. I’m a big fan of grabbing a foccacia for lunch, and picking up there half price selection at the end of the day.

3. Cass Cafe – Our newest find in the neighborhood. This cafe has a retro vibe, good vegetarian and pub fair food, and a full bar. On Saturday mornings they have a bloody mary special. And on Saturday evenings they have a margarita special. I could just stay all day. Also, I could see this being a good afternoon study spot.

2. Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes – Order the Pascalle, it’s chevre with fig jam, and so delicious. Great date spot, and perfect for brunch before a day spent at the DIA.

1. Detroit Institute of Arts – We got ourselves a membership because fiance was going so often already.  We also recently saw there last show “Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds”  which was really interesting.  Spend an hour or so in the Rivera hall.  You won’t regret it.

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