Seven Things: to do to pass the time while husby is on nights

Husby just started his third year of med school, which means he’s finally seeing real patients in the real hospital and getting to do real things (like holding legs during labor and delivery. Was that TMI? oops.) And all of this real gets to happen at night for the next week. Which means we won’t see each other until next Saturday when he finally wakes up from a post L&D stupor. This leaves me with loads of free time to fill.

1. Catch up on TV shows that husby doesn’t care for. So You Think You Can Dance. Pretty Little Liars. Battlestar Gallactica (yes, I’m just now watching this one).

2. Re-learn how to do all the household chores that husby usually does.  Generally, I do the cooking and the grocery shopping and husby does the dishes and the laundry, but opposite schedules mean I’ll have to wash the blender myself before making a smoothie, and my clothes won’t magically appear clean and folded on the bed.  Bummer.

3. Log some serious tri training and yoga hours.  I’m planning on doing another tri at the end of the season, which means I need to get back on the bike and hit the pool more than once a week.  I’ve also been going to a couple yoga classes a week at a studio that opened a block away (so convenient), with the goal of being able to hit a handstand or headstand or lift before the summer is out.

4. Read all the young adult distopian fiction. I’ve read through quite a bit of it this summer, but still have quite the stack to go. Someday I’ll write up a too read list for those of you who are also into this genre. (Unfortunately the short answer is not much).

5. Iron all the shirts. Ugh, real jobs mean we both have to dress business appropriate every day. Which means we have to iron. Luckily I can do this while also completing number 1.

6. Prepare for canning season. We just cracked open our last jar of pickles from last summer, so it’s time to start picking recipes and sanitizing jars.  I really want to try to do some fermented pickles this year as well. I just need to find the right vessel to make them in.  Thus far my sites are set on cukes, cukes, cukes, green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, cukes, and cukes.  But I’m always open to more suggestions.  What are you pickling this year?

7. Finally going through wedding pictures and maybe ordering some?  I’m not committing to this one, but it’s on the table for if times get desperate.

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5 Comments on “Seven Things: to do to pass the time while husby is on nights”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I want to see wedding pictures! I’ll look through them for you!

  2. Kate Rose Says:

    8. Eat something that is out of season that isn’t canned, but just plain old terrible for the environment. And love every bite without the leering glance of \husby\. :)

    And I want to see wedding photos!

  3. clare Says:

    Kate, it’s cherry season! I’m far to busy filling my belly with cherries to think about what I might eat out of season.

    I’ll get to those pictures eventually. I’ve already looked at them plenty, they’re beautiful, now I just need to pick which ones to print, etc.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Your keeping busy plans sound quite lovely :)

    I find it very funny that you’re still on PLL. Though if it were on here, I’m sure I’d be right there with you, hating and loving it at the same time.

    Young adult distopian fiction? Please share titles! I’m now enjoying the easy and fast reads of this genre.

    As far as pickling, good on ya for the multitude of cukes. Awesome. My grandfather used to eat pickled pig’s feet. Always an option… yuck.

    Miss you guys!!

  5. clare Says:

    Sarah, it’s so bad this season. Like unashamed soap opera bad with the end of every scene being a close up on someone’s face with dramatic music playing. Mostly I keep watching it because I love the clothes the girls wear.

    I’ll work on putting together that book post sooner rather than later.

    And we miss you, too!


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