Seven Things: to do to Procrastinate during Final time

Or anytime really, but seeing how it is in fact that time of year, this is what I’ve been doing to avoid writing papers and doing power point presentations, and what I would be doing if I had exams to study for (which I lucked out, and don’t this semester).

7. Read this website until I can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard, and fall off the bed.  fyouautocorrect

6. Start complicated new knitting projects, like this one:

5. Learn how to cook polenta.

4. Harass my family members for Christmas lists.  Send brothers text messages threatening to get them all GAP gift certificates if they don’t come up with a list.

3. Plan holiday get-togethers for when I’m back in Minnesota in 10 days

2. Pick recipes off this list to try.  1st one up, pecan pie truffles

1. Write goofy blog posts about how to procrastinate.

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One Comment on “Seven Things: to do to Procrastinate during Final time”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the autocorrect! By the way Annette is coming to do Christmas cookies on the 19th so have some recipes ready!


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