Seven Things: to say Goodbye to in Minneapolis

(a little late)

I’m moving to Michigan in three weeks, and have so many things to cram into these last couple weeks living in the miplis.

7. Snow in May.  OK, so not so sad about saying goodbye to this one.  And really, it could snow in May in Ann Arbor, not really out of the question if it’s doing it in Minne already.  But seriously.  Snow?  in May?  goodbye.

6. The lakes.  Boyfriend always gives me crap because of how wonderful we think all our lakes are when really “they are puddles” compared to the great lakes.  But I, and probably every other Minnesotan, know the truth.  They are wonderful pockets of beauty spread throughout an already beautiful city.  And there’s nothing like them anywhere else in this world.  Goodbye Hiawatha, Nokomis, Harriet, Calhoun and all the others.  I’ll see you again soon.

5. Mayday Cafe.  I’m stopping in at least 3 times a week until I leave.  Gotta get my black bean burrito fix.  And spinach and ricotta quiche.  And turkey and provolone.  And salami and olive tapanade.  And great neighborhood company.  And hippies.  And babies.  And dogs.

4. Pumphouse Creamery.  I can’t believe I spent so much of my life without you.  And I’m not even an ice cream kinda girl.  But this is hands down the best IC in the city.  My favorite flavor is all of them, and the cones are to die for.

3.  Camp Tamarack.  The best two weeks of summer, hands down.  And all the summer fairs and festivals.  And the winter ones too.  And the farmers’ markets and basically anywhere us twin citians get together to celebrate being outside.

2.  My garden.  I hope you prosper in my absence and that lots of bees come buy and roll around in your flowers and make you promiscuous fruits and veggies.  I’ll be back for some tomatoes in August.

1. And of course all my friends and family that are seeing me off.  And Powderhorn Park and the neighborhood.  (like how I squeezed like 3 things into that last one ;))

Keep loving this city for me while I’m gone.

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