Seven Things: Wedding Decisions

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding.  In fact, I don’t think I ever even really thought about it until the second time Fiance and I talked about it.  So once the question was asked and answered and all our friends and family had been told, I suddenly found myself wondering what the heck I was supposed to do next.  The only decision I had made up until that point was that I wanted a fall wedding (or autumnal nuptuals, as a friend of Fiance calls it) and I didn’t want to be engaged for more than a year.

With both of us in demanding graduate programs, I knew I wanted to get some decisions made before school started up again, so I went to that wedding barf of a website theknot, to see what was up.  And then ran screaming.  I try to stay away from there mostly, although they do have a wedding checklist that I take some joy in marking off all the things we just aren’t doing.  But at least I had some direction.  Make a guest list.  Pick a date.  Choose a location.

Now, a month and a half into being engaged, things are seeming to fall into place.  So, without further ado, here are seven of the wedding decisions we’ve already checked off our list.

7. 6. & 5. Ceremony and Reception location and Caterer. After hemming and hawing over many possibilities (on a boat?  on a Friday?  on a farm/nature reserve?) we made our first big decision, which actually took care of many decisions.  That’s a real boon when you know you have too much on your plate some days with school alone.  We decided on an early(ish) Sunday ceremony followed by brunch and dancing, because

a) I love brunch,

b)I love dancing

c) Sundays are a bargain and

d) I love brunch.

Choosing a Sunday narrowed a lot of things down for us, including location.  A location high on our list only did evening events, so they were out.  But it opened up our budget to a place I had previously dreamed about.  (Ok, so maybe I did occasionally think about my wedding…)  Sunday morning ceremony means pretty much most church ceremonies are out, so why not have the ceremony and the reception at the same gorgeous site?  Oh, and they have their own catering contract so that’s done too.  Including cake.  Check. Check. Check.

4.  Colors. Oy.  This turned out to be more work than I expected.  But then I made a decision, and suddenly everything was great.  We’re using deep plum (a reddish purple), with red and orange accents.  Interesting fact:  I don’t generally like purples, but for some reason this feels right.  Also, I’m working with the idea of more of a pallet than specific colors.  If the weather agrees with us, the leaves should be peaking, and then what other colors do we need other than what nature has already provided for us?

3. Family touches. The day before Fiance proposed, my dad was talking with my aunt and uncle.  My uncle happens to own a beautiful Rolls Royce, and does limo service with it, and offered service as a gift to all his nieces and nephews for their weddings.  Talk about good timing.  My brother brews some pretty spectacular beers, and while the location has an exclusive contract with the caterer and we can’t use his in the reception, they made the suggestion that we have it as a wedding favor.  Fiance’s cousins are cookie bakers, so we’re going to use their cookies as favors as well.

2. Save the dates. I want to keep them simple and while I know we don’t have a lot of free time for DIY projects, this was something I knew we could tackle.  So I suggested stamped postcards.  It turns out that custom stamps aren’t that pricey.  And fiance wants to make potato stamps for the picture on the front.

1.  Dress shopping. I was advised that I actually have to start this now, and not wait until this summer when I actually have time to go back to Minneapolis.  Also, you can’t just go wedding dress shopping by yourself.  Being far enough away from friends and family, I kind of went into panic mode.  But then Fiance suggested maybe I could meet my mom in Chicago one weekend.  On a whim I invited some close friends, to let them know I wish they could join, and it turns out a couple of them can.  So we’re making a trip of it.  Chicago wedding dress shopping here we come.

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