I hate throwing away food.  Hate it.  I also hate throwing away food scraps.

So pretty much the first thing Fiance and I did when we moved in together was set up a compost bin, and with all the veggies we’ve been preparing this summer due to our farm share, we’ve already filled up one bucket.  The other morning, as Fiance was going to cover our first bucket and set up our new one, he discovered we had some “volunteers”.

These inky cap mushrooms grew out of our compost bin.  Fun fact about inky cap mushrooms:  they digest themselves upon reaching maturity.  We welcomed the site of them because they suggest that our compost is both nutrient rich, and decomposing.   According to our field guide, the variety of these fungi that we think we grew, are edible. However,  we passed, because neither of us are experienced mushroom identifiers, and didn’t trust ourselves to 100% properly identify them.

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One Comment on “‘Shrooms”

  1. Patti Klucas Says:

    They are beautiful!
    As it gets closer to the colder months,especially if you have another idea (one that I used on you kids in fact!) is to boil the food scraps and strain the liquid to freeze for broth for some good winter soups–a great way to get fresh vegies vits and mins in the winter plus good tasting soup!


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