Snapshot Detroit: Recycle Here!

After being spoiled in both Minneapolis and Ann Arbor, where there is city-wide recycling pick up and there is no-sort recycling, I was frustrated moving to Detroit.  There is no recycling pick up here, which means we have to bring our recycling to a collection site.

The nearest collection site to us is at Eastern Market, and is the first Saturday of the month.  For the first three months that we lived here we couldn’t manage to make it to drop off our recycling on the first Saturday because of our travel or CSA schedule, and what with wedding shower gifts, IKEA furniture and just our day to day habits, we had accumulated a mountain of recycling.  Finally we got our acts together and brought all our recycling to the drop site, which was incredibly easy.

But the fact of the matter is, we need to drop off our recycling more than once a month.  We recycle a lot, and in a little apartment there is no room to spare for excess recycling bags.  A couple weeks ago we got fed up with the mountain of cardboard boxes, plastic containers, glass and cans crowding our apartment and had plans once again to be busy on the first Saturday of the month.  We knew we needed to do something about our situation, so we decided to look up where the recycling center was actually located.  Turns out it’s acutally just down the road, not much further than Eastern Market, but in different direction.

We gathered up all our goods and drove over.  And I was in. love.  2:45 pm on a Saturday, and the recycling center was packed with people unloading there cars and sorting there goods into the different bins and compactors.  The center is painted with bright friendly signs both inside and out, making it friendly and super easy to figure out where everything should go.  We made a trip back this past weekend, and I snapped a couple photos.

If you live in Detroit and are interested in figuring out where you can bring your recyclable goods, visit Recycle Here for drop off info.

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