some mailing info

since many people have mentioned wanting to send things my way, I have a small wishlist, as well as detailed instructions on how to send mail or packages and ensure they get to me.

for my current address please email me

it currently costs $0.84 to send a standard letter from the US to Tanzania.
be sure to mark the letter airmail
it would be nice if you numbered the letter so that I know if any are getting lost

keep them under 4 pounds if at all possible (really, it’s better to send multiple small packages than one large package)
put them in padded envelopes
regardless of what is in the package, do not claim it to be worth more than $15 when filling out the customs sticker (seriously!!!)
sometimes writing in red marker or adding Sister to my name (Sister Clare McNamara) or writing bible/religious phrases on the package will discourage curious mail workers!

ok, now for what to send
seeds – vegetables and herbs, specifically basil, mint, green beans, broccoli, (shh… it’s a secret, don’t tell customs, instead write educational material!)
old science magazines – specifically those directed at young readers, 321 contact if you have any still lying around would be great
powdered drink mixes – hot cocoa(!!!) herbal teas (mint, chamomile) Gatorade or lemonade type mixes
tuna – the kind that comes in those metallic bags would be easy to send
sunflower seeds – to eat, not plant…
bullion cubes – beef, chicken, vegetable
your favorite recipes – specifically those that use fresh veggies, ginger, soups or breads

updated 1/22/07

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